Starting January 5, 2010, the members of the Rotary Club of Upper Manhattan invite all civic and community-mined business owners and professionals of the Harlem Community to join us at the beautifully decorated and comfortable Gran Piatto d'Oro Restaurant at 1429 Fifth Ave at 117th St.

Established in 1966, the Rotary Club of Upper Manhattan is an organized and enjoyable way for civic-minded executives and professionals to contribute their skills to the progress of Harlem, New York City, and to the needy of the world. As a Rotarian, you and your company will become part of the 1.2 million worldwide Rotarian network, and warmly welcomed at the 33,000 clubs in more that 172 countries. You will also establish life- long friendships with other like-minded men and women in a cross-section of industries and professions


mbd said...

I am writing you and your fellow Rotarians at the suggestion of Bill Fine, President of the Parole (Annapolis) Rotary Club of District 7620 in Maryland.

I would like to meet with you and your board to learn how The Rotary Club of Upper Manhattan, New York and Spoons Across America(®, a not for profit 501C3, can work together to promote healthy eating for children and their families in the New York City area. Spoons influences the eating habits of children through hands-on education that celebrates the connection to local farmers and the important tradition of sharing meals around the family table. Our custom food/nutrition literacy programs cost of an average of $7-$10 per child per day.

Your organization like ours, shares a common goal of ‘service to our communities.’ Over the past eight years, Spoons Across America has been privileged to work hand-in-hand with the New York City public schools, Greenmarket Farmers Market (one of our many partners), and our volunteers from the hospitality industry to deliver food/nutrition literacy programs.

One of the programs I would like to speak with you about is the Spoons Food Miles Relay program for the 2009/2010 academic year. This two-day program, which includes a tour of the local greenmarket, teaches 4th graders about the environmental and other benefits of buying and eating locally grown food, including freshness and flavor, and efficient use of energy. The cost is $7 per child per day ($14 per child for the program). A sponsorship of $6,000 provide the program to 400 children.

Since 2001, Spoons has introduced, administered and collaborated on 50+ education programs in 37+ communities across the U.S., reaching 24,000+ children and families.
Our current programs conducted in the New York City public schools in all 5 boroughs include: Take a Taste with Spoons™; Spoons Food Miles Relay, Spoons Greenmarket Guides®, and The Dinner Party Project®. We also offer custom food- and nutrition-programs for elementary and middle school children, teachers and families.

For more information about Spoons Across America, visit www.SpoonsAcrossAmerica.org. I look forward to meeting with you, and you may reach me at 718-522-0209 or Martha@beardallis.com .

Martha Bear Dallis
Executive Director
Spoons Across America

Brooke said...

Greetings from the state of Arkansas. My name is Brooke Taunton and I served as a Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholar to New Zealand in 2009. I have been selected for one of your city's prestigious New
York City Teaching Fellowships as a special needs teacher. As I am
from out of state, I am unfamiliar with the city and quite far away.
The training session will begin in early to mid June and run until the
beginning of the school year. I waswondering if anyone in your
club/district could take in a boarder during that time until I'm assigned a permanent school position in August or September. I am likely to be teaching for a District 75 school. I will have more information about my location
during training at a later date, but I wanted to reach out to you now as my acceptance of the fellowship will depend on my ability to secure
accommodation during the training period. Any assistance you can
provide would be greatly appreciated. Rotary has been such an incredible part of my life and I look forward to meeting more

Please contact me via email if you would be able to help.

Kind Regards,

Brooke Taunton
Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar
New Zealand 2009